Where land meets water

We help to design solutions and create opportunities everywhere land meets water


My ambition is to help delta cities to solve the next century challenges everywhere land meets water.

Urbanised deltas are among the most challenging regions in the world under pressure of climate change, rapid urbanisation and economic development. Solving these complex problems requires integrated solutions that cut across silos and maximizes synergies between different sectors, and that creates new opportunities for ecology and improved quality of life for all.

This requires a design driven and collaborative approach in which science, industry, governments and local stakeholders engage to co-create, design, test and scale-up adaptation solutions under live conditions.

My services include programme development and management, strategic planning and research. I help to translate initial project ideas into concrete plans and implementation programs by transforming academic insights into practical use. I do this by bringing together expertise, organizing collaboration in living labs and exploring solutions and new opportunities.


African Deltas Adaptation Lab

mei 4, 2018

Living Lab Designing with Sediment

mei 4, 2018

integrated development of the Ghana Volta Delta

mei 4, 2018


dr. ir. Peter van Veelen is an independent registered landscape architect and urban planner specializing in urban delta planning, coastal resilience and urban climate change adaptation.

He has over 15 years of experience as urban planner in practice. As senior urban planner at the City of Rotterdam he worked on several regional landscape planning projects and the Rotterdam climate adaptation strategy and resilience strategy.

Previously, he worked as program coordinator Urban Deltas within the TU Delft Deltas, Infrastructure and Mobility Initiative (DIMI) for which he coordinates multidisciplinary research and education focusing on integrated delta management, design and engineering. He holds a PhD in Urbanism from Delft University.



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